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A simple girl and her bear in a complicated situation. All Scarlett wanted was to eat candy and play with Mr. Ted. But with the last 10 years of her life missing, her father dead, samurai, warlords, pumpkinfaces, emeralds and grails, all turning up at her doorstep, Scarlett's life is anything but simple...for at least the next 100 years.

Mr. Ted

Mr. Ted is Scarlett's only friend and companion. She loves him more than anything....except candy.

Rogues Gallery


Vincent is  in possession of the grail and on a quest to control a series of powerful artifacts.

He employs a somewhat lazy tactic of waiting for artifacts to show up. He is a horrible man according to Scarlett.



He has a pumpkin face. Hired by Vincent as his go to guy when villainous deeds need done.

Trixie Von

Trixie runs her funfair and freakshow with an iron fist... or rather a large lollipop. Don't let the sweet smile fool you=)

character badges by Roman 


The Portrait Gallery

 Trixie Von

 Tom Saxon

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